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What Teacher Resume Template Should You Use?

The best resume template for a teacher is clean and orderly. It should highlight your most relevant teaching experience, key skills, and education. This is your chance to make a good impression on hiring managers and recruiters, so choosing a well-designed template is important. This will give you a solid foundation to build an excellent teacher resume. At the end of this guide, we’ll give you a real example, but first, let’s discuss what you should include in your resume.

What to Include in a Teacher Resume

Once you’ve chosen your resume template, it’s time to customize each section to reflect your unique professional history. Teacher resumes contain all the standard elements that tell the reader who you are, your career goal, and why you’re qualified for the job. Let’s go over each element that should be included in your teaching resume:

  • Contact Information. Introduce yourself to recruiters and hiring managers with your name, phone number, email address, location, and a link to any online professional profiles.
  • Profile. In 2-3 sentences, give a brief statement summarizing your teaching experience and career goals. Tailor your profile to the position you’re applying for by using the job title, company name, and relevant keywords.
  • Work Experience. List your most recent and relevant teaching experience starting with your current role. Provide the school name, grade(s) taught, and dates of employment. Detail your teaching responsibilities and show your resume reader how you performed these duties. Give examples of any leadership roles you held as well as any improvements or positive changes you made.
  • Education & Certification. As a teacher your education is an important part of your resume. Specify where and when you received your degrees. Include any academic recognition or special awards received. If applicable, you should also include any certifications you have earned.
  • Key Skills. Select 10 of your most relevant teaching skills that align with the job description to include on your resume. Aim for five hard skills (e.g., lesson planning, curriculum development, data analysis) and five soft skills (e.g., leadership, patience, time management).

How To Write a Teacher Resume

Writing a teacher resume can be a challenge. Take it one section at a time and be intentional with your writing. Keep your resume cohesive and easy to read by being strategic with your language. Instead of copying and pasting text from previous resumes, use the techniques below. We’ll show you how to customize your resume to highlight your skills and speak directly to your readers.

Quantify your experience

The teachers who stand out are those who give context to their duties. They provide metrics and numbers to demonstrate how they affected change in their schools and got results. Quantifying your experience shows hiring managers that you made an impact on your students and fellow educators. Take a look at our example:

  • “Increased test scores by 25% in one school year by analyzing student test results and delivering targeted instruction.”
  • “I am responsible for teaching students to improve their subject knowledge.”

Tailor your resume for each application

You need to make an impact on hiring managers and recruiters to land an interview with your dream school. The best way to do this is by speaking directly to their needs. Each job you apply for will list different requirements and qualifications. Take the time to make minor adjustments to your resume as you send it off to different schools. You can use keywords from their job postings within your resume. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Highlight your skills

Make space on your teacher resume for a “key skills” section. Use this area to highlight the hard skills you have to offer your prospective employer. A simple bulleted list will showcase your expertise as a teacher and your ability to work well with students and staff. As for soft skills, they should be indirectly referenced throughout your resume rather than grouped together in their own section.

Again, keep in mind that it’s especially important to mention skills that are referenced in the target job description. Here are some examples of the types of key skills you should include on your resume:

Common Hard and Soft Skills for a Teacher

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Classroom Management Adaptability & Creativity
Differentiated Instruction Conflict Resolution
Learning Management Systems (LMS) Emotional Intelligence
Assessment & Evaluation Time Management
Curriculum Development Cooperation

Use strong action verbs

Use action verbs to make the language of your resume more impactful and compelling. Save space by replacing first-person language (e.g., “I was responsible for teaching…”) with strong verbs that highlight what you did. As you write your resume, consider using some of the words we’ve listed below:

Action Verbs
Evaluated Developed
Enhanced Coordinated
Guided Systematized

What if you don’t have experience?

Although teaching experience is instrumental and often required for certain educator positions, you can still write an effective resume. Inexperienced teachers should focus on building up the following sections of their resumes:

  • Education: Call special attention to your education and list any achievements, honors, exceptional GPA scores, and extracurriculars relevant to the job.
  • Practicals: During the practical portion of your teaching program, you gained real-world experience as a teacher. Speak to all you accomplished and performed.
  • Volunteer work: Schools are always looking for volunteers. Sign up at your local school to earn more volunteer time and include it on your resume.
  • Education-related work: If you’ve had a job in any position at a school or other educational location, be sure to list that under your experience section. Exposure to any learning atmosphere is valuable.

Teacher Resume Template Text Example

Your Name

(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
LinkedIn | Portfolio
City, State Abbreviation Zip Code


Adaptable Elementary School Educator with four years of experience pursuing a Third Grade Teacher position at Glencoe Elementary School. Committed to improving the student learning experience through leadership and excellent classroom management strategies. Hoping to instill a love of learning in all students.

Key Skills

  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Integrated Lesson Planning
  • Adaptive Learning Technology
  • Student Data Analysis

Professional Experience

Second Grade Teacher, Ainsworth Elementary School, Portland, OR
September 2021 – Present

  • Increase student participation and engagement through interactive teaching strategies and new classroom technology
  • Led a class of up to 25 students in second grade, maintaining good relationships with both parents and their students through regular communication and conferences
  • Raised standardized test scores by 10% in one school year by analyzing student assessment results and delivering targeted instruction
  • Increased library use by 30% through collaboration with school librarian to launch special grade-specific reading programs

Substitute Teacher, Beaverton School District, Portland, OR
September 2019 – June 2021

  • Filled in for 200+ classroom teachers across the district in person and virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Delivered lesson plans to students and graded assignments done in class

Summer School Teacher, Washington School District, Portland, OR
September 2017 – June 2019

  • Improved back-to-school test scores by 15% by designing summer learning activities for students to aid in knowledge retention
  • Collaborated with licensed educators across the district to update learning resources for all elementary subjects


  • Certified Product Manager, AIPMM, 2016

Education & Licensing

Oregon State Professional Teaching License
TSPC, August 2021

Oregon State Preliminary Teaching License
TSPC, August 2017

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Elementary Education
GEORGE FOX UNIVERSITY, Portland, OR September 2013 – June 2017

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Executive Resume Writer and Career Coach

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