Product Manager Resume Template Example

What Product Manager Resume Template Should You Use?

The best resume template for a product manager is professional and easy to read, highlighting your most relevant business experience and key skills. It’s best to choose a simple template without flashy graphics. Catch the attention of recruiters with your undeniable expertise. Keep spacing and simplicity in mind. Although it’s important for your product manager resume to look good, the content is what will ultimately sell you to prospective employers.

What To Include in a Product Manager Resume

You’ll fill out your template section by section, starting with basic contact information. The body of your resume will include everything you’ve accomplished in your field, and you’ll round it out with the credentials you’ve earned. Here’s a list of the essential elements of your product manager resume:

  • Contact Information. Hiring managers and recruiters need to know how to contact you for an interview. List your name, phone number, email address, location, and a link to your online professional profiles.
  • Profile. Briefly summarize your product management experience and the goals you hope to accomplish in 2-3 sentences. Be sure to mention the job title and company name, including any relevant keywords from the job posting.
  • Work Experience. List any relevant business experience in chronological order, starting with your most recent position. Think about what you’ve accomplished in the work you’ve done that qualifies you for the job in question. Write about how you performed your duties and what kind of improvements or positive impacts you had in your role.
  • Education. Begin with your most recent and relevant degrees. Give the name of the degree and institution, including the dates of attendance. You can also highlight any academic achievements you earned below the degree description.
  • Key Skills. Consider all of the knowledge it takes to be a product manager. Choose ten of the most important skills you hold that best relate to your experience and the qualifications listed in the job description. Select five hard skills (e.g., market research, project management, user testing) and five soft skills (e.g., leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking).

How To Write a Product Manager Resume

Writing an engaging and effective resume can be a challenge. Nobody wants a long page of boring bullet points and repetitive job descriptions. Instead, use a strategic approach to writing your resume. This will create a cohesive document that best represents your professional abilities. If you need help writing your resume, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some tactics you can use to write the best product manager resume.

Quantify your experience

Product managers are well aware of the importance of quantifiable data. Metrics are a key component of how they perform their job. When you’re able to provide metrics on your resume for hiring managers, it helps them in the same way. This data illustrates how effective you are when performing job responsibilities. You can show them how you improved the workplace by giving numbers and results in your work experience section:


  • “Collaborate with the support team to collect customer feedback and prioritize product updates based on customer needs, resulting in a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores.”


  • “I am responsible for working with customer support to analyze customer feedback data and update product features.”

Tailor your resume for each application

Use your resume as an advertisement for prospective employers. Present yourself as the solution to their problem. You can do this by being strategic with the information you choose to work into your product manager resume. Only include the most relevant experience, skills, and education. There’s no need to list every job you’ve had since high school. Use keywords from the company’s job listing to incorporate into your text. Be as organic as possible — you don’t want to overdo it. Adding in company lingo is a great way to catch a manager’s eye and perform well within their applicant tracking systems.

Highlight both hard and soft skills

Include a “key skills” section on your product manager resume. Organize your skills into a bulleted list that highlights your ability to successfully develop, launch, and manage products. Be sure to include soft skills as well. Your capacity to work well with others is just as important as performing job duties. Here’s a list of examples to get you started:

Common Hard and Soft Skills for a Product Manager

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Competitive Analysis Problem-Solving
Market Research Time Management
Project Management Systems (Trello, Asana, Jira) Proactive Leadership
Agile Development Methodologies Flexibility
Objective Prioritization Frameworks Strong Communication

Use common action verbs

Be direct with your resume readers by using action verbs to keep your language concise and impactful. Avoid unnecessary first-person language (e.g., “I was responsible for managing…”) by starting your sentences with a verb. These words show hiring managers what you accomplished in your role, not just what was expected of you. Here are some examples you can use in your product manager resume:

  • Developed
  • Launched
  • Analyzed
  • Improved
  • Prioritized
  • Collaborated
  • Innovated

What if you don’t have experience?

Get creative with how you present business-related experience outside the realm of product management. Even if you don’t have direct product management experience, you can use accomplishments from previous roles that demonstrate your ability to lead, problem-solve, and achieve results. You can rearrange your resume and draw focus to other areas, such as:

  • Certifications: Include any product management or business certifications. This shows you’ve invested time, effort, and money into your career.
  • Internships: Highlight the unpaid work you’ve accomplished in business or management settings. Any time you’ve spent alongside a mentor is highly valuable.
  • Educational achievements: Show your dedication to excellence by including academic awards from business school.
  • Volunteer work: Add past volunteer work to your resume, especially if you managed people, projects, or events.

Product Manager Resume Template Text Example

Your Name
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
LinkedIn | Portfolio
City, State Abbreviation Zip Code


Strategic Product Manager on a mission to create innovative products that drive business growth and solve customer problems. Seeking to leverage six years of product management experience for Nordstrom Inc. Strong communicator and collaborator dedicated to improving customer satisfaction.

Key Skills

  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Product Roadmap Development
  • User Testing
  • Product Strategy & Design
  • Competitive Analysis

Professional Experience

Product Manager, Walgreens, Deerfield, IL
September 2019 – Present

  • Improve product profitability by 10% through product pricing optimization and reducing production costs
  • Collaborate with the support team to collect customer feedback and prioritize product updates based on customer needs, resulting in a 30% increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Work closely with engineering and design teams to streamline development timelines, resulting in successful product launches

Associate Product Manager, Ultra Beauty, Inc., Bolingbrook, IL
August 2017 – September 2019

  • Led market research and competitive analysis for a new product launch, resulting in a 25% increase in market share within the first eight months of launch
  • Conducted surveys and focus groups with target audience to identify key product features and messaging


  • Certified Product Manager, AIPMM, 2016


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHICAGO, Chicago, IL September 2017 – June 2019

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Business
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS CHICAGO, Chicago, IL September 2013 – June 2017