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Standing out in a competitive job market means writing a resume that exceeds the expectations of potential employers. With our expert resume templates, you can write your resume confidently, backed by the knowledge of executive recruiters and career coaches. Whether you’re looking for basic, modern, professional, or creative resume templates, our various resume examples are tailored to suit every career level and industry.

Use our expert examples as a guide to craft a resume that not only looks professional but is also optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS), increasing your chances of landing your ideal position in 2024.

General Format Resume Examples

Whether you’re applying for similar roles in multiple industries or you’re looking to make a leap to a new field, general resume templates can help you craft a resume that will work for your specific needs.

Popular General Format Resume Examples
  • General (Universal)
  • Hybrid
  • Professional
General (Universal) See Example
General (Universal)
Professional See Example

Arts and Media Resume Examples

While many creative roles require a portfolio, a resume still serves as the initial introduction to your skills and experience. These templates help you showcase your creative skills and stand out from the crowd.

Popular Arts and Media Resume Examples
  • Acting
  • Editor
  • Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer See Example
Graphic Designer

Business and Management Resume Examples

The competitive world of business requires an equally competitive resume. Find the right template to help you professionally showcase your skills and stand up to the competition.

Popular Business and Management Resume Examples
  • Accountant
  • Marketing
  • Project Manager
Accountant See Example
Marketing See Example
Project Manager See Example
Project Manager

Child Care and Education Resume Examples

When applying for child care roles, you need to show your experience and your certifications. Additionally, child care resumes often include references because they play a key role in the hiring process.

Popular Child Care and Education Resume Examples
  • Coaching
  • Nanny
  • Teacher

Customer Service Resume Examples

Customer service roles exist in nearly every industry. These candidates will be at the forefront of the customer experience. To craft your resume, choose a template most closely related to the field you are applying for and start brainstorming by writing down your skills and how you’ve improved customer satisfaction in past roles.

Popular Customer Service Resume Examples
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
Customer Service See Example
Customer Service

Engineering and Technology Resume Examples

Engineering and technology resumes should showcase your capabilities with complex systems, specific technologies, and applied math and science knowledge. Be sure to include your certifications and software skills on your resume.

Popular Engineering and Technology Resume Examples
  • Engineering
  • Scrum Master
  • Software Engineer
Engineering See Example
Scrum Master See Example
Scrum Master
Software Engineer Software Developer
Software Engineer

Entry-Level and Student Resume Examples

Creating a resume before you have formal experience may seem impossible, but these templates will help you figure out how to translate the skills and knowledge you have into a useful resume for landing that first job or applying to your dream college.

Popular Entry-Level and Student Resume Examples
  • College
  • Entry-Level
  • First Job
Entry-Level Entry-Level
First Job See Example
First Job

Health Care Resume Examples

Health care includes a wide variety of specialties that require different levels of education, unique certifications, and specific experience. Use these templates to learn more about formatting a health care resume for your specific specialty and career path.

Popular Health Care Resume Examples
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing
Certified Nursing Assistant See Example
Certified Nursing Assistant
Medical Assistant See Example
Medical Assistant

Restaurant and Hospitality Resume Examples

Hospitality and food service has a lot of cross-over with customer service roles. These resume templates will help you showcase your skills and experience working with both people and food.

Popular Restaurant and Hospitality Resume Examples
  • Housekeeping
  • Server
  • Waiter/Waitress
Housekeeping See Example
Waiter/Waitress See Example

Sales and Marketing Resume Examples

The dynamic world of sales and marketing is all about connecting with people and presenting products or services in compelling ways. Whether you're aiming to excel as a sales associate on the front lines or engage audiences as a social media manager, your resume needs to reflect your ability to communicate effectively and drive results. Use our curated resume templates to showcase your skills in creating relationships, understanding customer needs, and executing strategic marketing campaigns.

Popular Sales and Marketing Resume Examples
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Social Media Manager
Marketing See Example
Social Media Manager See Example
Social Media Manager
All Jobs in Sales and Marketing

Service Professionals Resume Examples

For service professionals with specific skills, such as electricians, flight attendants, truck drivers, and pilots, your resume must go beyond just listing job duties to emphasize specialized training, certifications, and hands-on experience. Our resume templates cater to the unique needs of these professions, helping you to highlight your expertise in safety protocols, technical proficiency, and exceptional customer service.

Popular Service Professionals Resume Examples
  • Electrician
  • Esthetician
  • Social Work
Electrician See Example
Esthetician See Example
Social Work See Example
Social Work
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How do I choose the best resume template?

Choose a resume template that aligns with your industry, career level, and personal style. Make sure you consider the layout, format, and particular information that’s essential to highlight. You can find the right match on ResumeTemplates by searching for your industry and job type.

How do I customize resume templates?

You can download our resume templates and customize your text by adding, deleting, or rearranging sections to better reflect your skills, experiences, and achievements. Find a resume template that suits your industry, career level, or desired format, then use our resume builder to create your resume.

Should I make a different resume for every job application?

Yes. Tailoring your resume is one of the best ways to get more interviews. Look at the job posting to identify what the employer is seeking. Specifically, find important words or phrases to use in your profile and key skills sections. Some postings may even tell you what they want to see in a resume.

Does ResumeTemplates have resume examples that I can look at?

Yes. ResumeTemplates has nearly 100 free resume examples and templates. Use these examples to get expert advice on what you should — and shouldn't — include in your resume, such as common key skills and action verbs for your desired job.

Will using a template from ResumeTemplates.com help me get a job?

Using a professionally designed template and following our expert advice can significantly improve your resume's quality. A well-crafted resume is more likely to catch the attention of hiring managers and make a strong impression, increasing your chances of getting called for an interview.