One Page Resume Template Example

With resumes, think quality over quantity. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t like to sift through much fluff and extraneous information. Keep your resume as concise as possible so that your best attributes, skills, and accomplishments stand out. For many people, that means sticking with a one-page resume template.

Though mid-career and executive-level professionals may warrant a longer resume that extends to two full pages, if you are earlier in your career and don’t have extensive experience, it’s probably best to aim for a one-page resume format.

How To Write a One-Page Resume

Following a resume template is the best way to keep the document to one page. By including only the most pertinent sections, you will call attention to the top things employers need to know about you. These sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Profile
  • Key skills
  • Professional experience
  • Education and certifications

Contact information

It’s always important to put your most recent contact information at the top of your resume so recruiters know how to get in touch with you. Include your full name, phone number, email address, city/state, and a link to your online professional page or website.


Your Name
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
City, State Abbreviation Zip Code
LinkedIn | Portfolio


It only takes two to three sentences to summarize what makes you a qualified candidate for a role. Start by mentioning your job title (or the title of the job you’re seeking), then highlight your top attributes, relevant skills, and recent job accomplishments. Sprinkle in some keywords from the job description to demonstrate you’re a good fit for the role.


Strategic product manager with a track record of creating innovative products that drive business growth and solve customer problems. Seeking to leverage six years of product management experience for Nordstrom Inc. Strong communicator and collaborator dedicated to improving customer satisfaction.

Key skills

Because you’re creating a one-page resume, keep it easily scannable. Also, make sure it passes Applicant Tracking System filters. To accomplish this, it’s a good strategy to list some of your key skills, carefully selecting hard and soft skills. When possible, align your skills with the requirements listed in the job posting. Here’s an example of 10 key skills for a nursing assistant resume:

Common hard and soft skills for nursing assistants

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Dementia care Communications
Infection control Compassion
Medication administration Patient relations
Vital sign monitoring Team collaboration
Wound care Time management

Resume writer’s tip: Use descriptive action verbs

When you’re writing a one-page resume, your word choice is very important. Choose impactful, strong action verbs to help tell your story. Here’s an example of action verbs that you might use if you were creating a graphic design resume:

Action Verbs
Collaborated Conceptualized
Created Designed
Developed Illustrated
Implemented Managed
Produced Revised

Professional experience

This section is the bulk of your resume. To keep it to one page, summarize your job history in three to five succinct bullet points for each job you include. A professional experience section for a retail sales associate resume might look like this:


Retail Sales Associate, Sunflower Room Boutique, Memphis, TN
October 2018 – present

  • Offer personalized guidance to customers in selecting unique home decor items, consistently surpassing monthly sales targets by 15% to 20%
  • Cultivate strong customer relationships to exceed annual goals for loyalty program sign-ups by over 130% in the last two years
  • Assist an average of 35 customers per day with transactions, questions, and recommendations, maintaining 97% customer satisfaction scores
  • Work closely with the boutique manager to curate eye-catching displays to boost in-store traffic and create a more enjoyable shopping atmosphere

Retail Sales Associate, IKEA, Cordova, TN
May 2016 – September 2018

  • Participated in a team effort to streamline inventory management and reduced stock discrepancies by 12%
  • Led the team in upselling IKEA Family memberships, surpassing enrollment goals by 15% each month
  • Assisted in training new hires, helping them integrate into the team and become effective members of the store

Resume writer’s tip: Quantify your experience

When possible, share the results of the work performance rather than simply listing your job duties. Numbers and data can be a very effective way to illustrate your value.

  • “Increased revenue growth year over year by 42% by renegotiating with technology vendors.”
  • “In charge of managing technology vendor relationships.”

Resume writer’s tip: Tailor your resume for each application

Having a master one-page resume template is the first step. But as you apply to various jobs, tweak your resume to align more closely with those specific positions. You can use some of the same language (target keywords) the employer mentions in the job posting and focus on any specific skill sets that are most in demand. This gives you the best opportunity of being selected to move forward in the hiring process.

What if you don’t have experience?

If you are just finishing school or haven’t yet worked in your field of interest, you may be wondering how to fill a one-page resume. Even part-time job, internship, volunteer, and school-based project experience counts. Prospective employers like people willing to learn and adapt, take on new challenges, and you have developed various skills. Also, you can spare a bit more room to list relevant coursework you’ve completed or certifications you’ve earned.

Education and certifications

Your one-page resume should include your educational background. List all of your degrees and certifications along with the institution name and date of completion.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, September 2010 – June 2014
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH


  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP), Digital Marketing Institute, 2020
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), Google Analytics Academy, 2017

One Page Resume Template Text Example

Sales Resume

Your Name
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
LinkedIn | Portfolio
City, State Abbreviation Zip Code


Results-driven Account Executive with 5+ years of sales experience. Looking to leverage a proven track record of exceeding sales quotes and building strong client relationships. I seek a role with Walgreens, leveraging expertise in consultative selling and market analysis to drive revenue growth and achieve business objectives.

Key Skills

  • Account Management
  • Health Product Knowledge
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Pipeline Management

Professional Experience

Account Executive, CVS Health, Alpharetta, GA
2020 – Present

  • Implement new pricing strategies that result in a 10% increase in profit margins and a 5% increase in sales volume for assigned territories
  • Train and mentor a team of three sales representatives, resulting in a 20% increase in sales performance across the team
  • Achieved 115% of sales quota in the first year by developing and maintaining relationships with key decision makers in hospitals and clinics

Sales Development Representative, Home Depot, Atlanta, GA
2016 – 2020

  • Collaborated with Account Executives to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, resulting in a 15% increase in average deal size and $100K in additional revenue per quarter
  • Generated $500K in new business by prospecting and qualifying 250 leads per week for the Home Depot Pro program


  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP), NASP, 2020
  • Certified Sales Development Representative (CSDR), AA-ISP, 2016


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Business Administration, 2013 – 2017
Operations and Supply Chain Management GEORGIA TECH, Atlanta, GA

Creative Resume

Your Name
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
LinkedIn | Portfolio
City, State Abbreviation ZIP code


A digital creative director with six years of experience specializing in UX design, brand graphics, and social media asset creation. A proven track record of designing engaging newsletters, social graphics, and other brand assets for health care clients to increase user engagement. Adept at collaborating with key organization stakeholders in marketing, sales, site development, and leading large-scale branding initiatives.

Key Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Branding
  • Digital advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Visual communications

Professional Experience

Digital Creative Director, Enterprise Healthcare, Atlanta, GA
August 2021 – present

  • Coordinate with creative teams and marketing departments to deliver brand assets for web pages, mobile applications, and digital campaigns that contribute to over $1.2 million in annual revenue
  • Spearhead a successful rebrand, which contributed to a 40% increase in new business
  • Oversee digital marketing and social media campaigns, leading a team of over 15 marketing specialists, graphic designers, and UX designers

Associate Creative Director, Blue Eagle Marketing, Atlanta, GA
February 2017 – June 2021

  • Developed new and enhanced creative projects, including visual assets, corporate communications materials, and social media assets for client accounts valued at $1.5 million and up
  • Coordinated with client stakeholders and external freelance content teams of more than 25 to develop cohesive brand aesthetics across platforms
  • Executed a complex rebrand with a fintech startup that led to a 72% increase in user engagement


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Marketing, August 2012 – May 2016
Emory University, Atlanta, GA


  • Adobe Certified Professional, Certiport, 2017

Data Science Resume

Your Name
(123) 456-7890
[email protected]
LinkedIn | Portfolio
City, State Abbreviation zip code


Collaborative, analytical data science professional with seven years of hands-on experience using predictive analytics and classical modeling techniques to generate data insights to drive profitability. Specializes in AI, building models that emulate human intelligence through machine learning. Exemplary programming skills in SQL.

Key Skills

  • AI model building
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive analytics

Professional Experience

Data Scientist, Alpha AI Enterprise, New York, NY
October 2019 – present

  • Collect, analyze, and interpret raw data to develop machine learning concepts that fuel AI initiatives
  • Develop dashboards and reports that deliver insights for data-driven decision-making
  • Evaluated business processes and recommended data science solutions that improved efficiency by 23%, allowing for business development in opportunistic niches
  • Elevated cybersecurity posture and reduced potential for data compromise, mitigating more than 200 attempts during one fiscal year
  • Combined computational linguistics with statistical, machine learning, and deep learning models to inform AI natural language processing

Data Scientist, GoGoTech LLC, Brooklyn, NY
June 2015 – October 2019

  • Spearheaded big data machine learning project that reduced downtime by 23%, freeing up opportunities for business development and revenue growth
  • Developed algorithms to improve system accuracy and security
  • Worked across company teams to gather data and deliver training related to cybersecurity
  • Created a model to accurately predict fraud activity, reducing company losses by 42%


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Data Science and Analytics, September 2011 – June 2015
Columbia University, New York, NY


  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, IBM, 2017
  • Google Certified Professional Data Engineer, Google, 2021
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